B/M Engineering

Bachelor in Engineer, BE after 3 years of IT job in Kuwait quits and starts a Business in Mechanical services and manufacturing in Pune, India (26-30)

His inspiring, adoptable and replicable journey demonstrates how engineering graduates can utilize their qualifications in the industrial business and apply the knowledge to obtain a niche in this business arena. Bootstrapping, research and financial planning, […]

Business Journey in Gujarati

અબ્બાસભાઇ કાબુલીવાલા

બી.કોમ. મુમિનભાઇ આઇ.ટી. કેરીયરના ઉજાલા રોશન મુસ્તકબિલના 6 વરસ બાદ કુવૈતમા ઇન્ટીરીયર ડીઝાઇનીંગનો વેપાર શુરૂ કરે છે. અબ્બાસ કાબુલીવાલા એન્વોય ઇન્ટીરીયર્સના જનરલ મેનેજરની વેપારની સફર ઘનીજ ઉત્સાહવાલી અને સબક આમેઝ મોટીવેટીંગ અને ઇન્સપાઇરીંગ છે.           […]

Academic Qualification

Mechanical Engineer after 18 years of job as Branch manager in Gulf quits to start his business of Flour Manufacturing in Dahod, India (21-25)

The inspiring and adoptable journey of Sk Idris Malvasi demonstrates the career growth from humble beginning, timely switching jobs, sales orientation while being technical and transition to business with proper research, planning and team building […]