Do You Have A Starving Crowd ?


There is story about legendary copy writer Gary Halbert who once asked a room of aspiring copywriters below question.

Question: Imagine you are opening a hamburger stand on beach what do you need most to succeed??

Answers came to him

  1. Secret Sauce
  2. Quality Meat
  3. Quality Bread
  4. Great Location
  5. Secret Recipe

Halbert replied you all missed the most important thing


Your job is to find out that starving crowd who cannot live without what it is you have to offer.

What we want to do in terms of targeting is to find good prospective customers for our business

  1. Can be reached affordably
  2. Those are likely to buy
  3. Can buy
  4. Preferably who know us
  5. And likely to trust us.

Once you get this down, and you nail exactly who your customer is the person you absolutely want to do business with over and again. You will be able to make your job much easier as you will be talking them in their language and relate to about what it is they really want.

If you are interested how you can use this strategy for your own business, do contact me.

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