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Our Audience

  1. Family Business Owners – Business owners of family business in various segments who wants either their qualified children, relatives or other professionals to join them. On many occasion they are unable to find a right matching point.
  2. Qualified Professionals – Large numbers of professionals who for one or other reason have been unable to join their established family business or join any traditional business and still working in jobs; either by their own choice and under compulsion of circumstances. If you intent to get into business someday and don’t know how that will ever work out, learn from these journeys.
  3. Established Businessmen & Business houses – Various businessmen who want to modernize their age old business setups as per the latest trends of the modern day environment and technology for effective running, managing and growing business by being competative. If you are scouting for right talent among mumineen to partner with; this will be place to visit regularly.
  4. New Business Owners – New business owners who wish to learn from challenges and solutions applied in these journeys and apply them to stabilize their current business. They would like to read from the traits of various journeys of professionals to business and how they applied the success methods.
  5. Students – All student going to secondary onwards classes to schools, college and university, be it on premises or distant learning. To do your career planning keeping these reflections in mind from the bizz jounreys.
  6. Parents – Parents of children who are studying and who have dreams and hopes of what their children should become in life. The role parents play in framing the mind sets of children towards education and business life.
  7. Teachers – All teaching staff who play a key role in shaping the young minds; so that they can quote examples from these journeys and inject the business mindset in budding children.

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