YourBizzJourney.com Addressing The Challenge :

During the idea stage the following challenge was seen which eventually paved the way for YourBizzJourney.com.

The children of new generations are getting highly educated in huge numbers with various degrees like in management (MBA-Marketing/Finance/HR), Engineering (BSC,BE,ME), Finance (BCOM, MCOM, CA, CPA) and Information Technology (B.Tech, M.Tech).

Thus they gradually tend to abandon the traditional and established & running family business due to these main factors :

(1) Being highly qualified with good academics they feel more secure in professional white collar jobs with regular fixed salary each month and growth prospects.

(2) The parents of the educated children are not well prepared or ready to provide the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the aspirations of these young qualified children.

(3) Even when children join the family business, at times they are not given enough choices, space to develop, free hand to expand or diversify the businesses as per their gained knowledge and expertise.