Business Potential for Investing in Food Industrial Park and Earning Huge Revenues


Invest in food processing parks under “Make in India” program of Government of India. Get infrastructure grants running into crores of rupees and also earn huge recurring income.

Govt of India and several state governments are providing the infrastructure grants running in crores of rupees to set up  Food Processing Parks under “ Make In India” initiative which would :

  • Promote the value addition in food supply chain to minimize the wastage of agricultural produce from farm sector to the end users.
  • Help farmers and cultivators to get better prices for their produce near the source of cultivation
  • Provide employment opportunities to the rural youth and laborers.

Broad contours of  a typical “ Food Processing Industrial Park are given as follows:


Total Land for above projects  =    6.5 acres ( Refer the table below)

Space for internal roads, access & for other infrastructure = 1.5 acres

Total land requirement    =   8.5  + 1.5    = 10 acres

Therefore, it is suggested to develop the food processing cluster on a plot of land comprising minimum 10 acres. The break up of different food processing and the relevant infrastructural facilities are tabulated below as a ready reckenor:


Name of the industry


Land (Sq. Ft)

/ acres

A Power Feeder Substation for food park 11000
B Biogas cum CETP plant/Testing Lab 1 acre
C Water Supply System incldg. treating plant 22000

1 to 4

Special Zone to process local produce like Sesame seeds, Green mung, cashew and coconut products or any local agro items  

4 x 22000

5 Cow/Buffalo farm & organic dairy plant 2 acre
6 Cattle & Poultry herbal Feed unit 22000
7 Tetra packs manufacturing unit 11000
8 Card Board Boxes, egg tray making unit 5500
10 Injection moulding & blowing unit  for PET containers & PET bottles 11000
11 Dehydrated Onion & Garlic Powder 11000
12 Mineral Water & Packaged Drinking water 11000
13 HDPE Woven sacks 5500
14 Wheat flour mill & bakery unit 11000
15 Dal Mill and polishing unit 11000
16 Goat farm & Meat processing zone 22000
17 Veterinary Hospital 11000
Total 8.5 acres


  1. The projects under A, B and C and 17 are the common infrastructure projects and may be funded by the owner of the industrial park along with the permissible Govt Grants. This  investment can be recovered by charging maintenance and other services on monthly or yearly basis from the entrepreneurs who will set up their industries in this park.
  1. An exclusive Detailed Project Report (DPR) will have to be developed by a competent consultant for this industrial park to be put up for seeking the grants from the Govt. as per their incentive funding
  2. The promoter entrepreneur along with the consultant shall liaison with the Govt. authorities to get the infrastructure funds for the parts A, B and C. and 17 as necessary. Also, the promoter entrepreneur shall get the plot converted into NA land, as required for using the plot for this purpose.
  3. The promoter entrepreneur and / or real estate agents shall initiate a drive and campaign to exhort the mumineen or other local entrepreneurs to set up their industries as per the list above. Under an integrated agreement, the consultants’ help can be offered to develop and formulate all above projects preferably for the mumineen clients who agree to setup these industries in this Industrial Park – Food Processing Zone.
  1. The consultant’s role would include detailed eng. of the facilities, plant layout, specifications of plant and machineries, tendering documents, drawings, designs etc and also assist in Govt. correspondence and industry departments etc. for registrations, subsidy and incentive claims, floating global inquiries and collecting technical and price bids for the plant & machines, ordering of the same by preparing professional and legal P.Os, inspection of the same at Suppliers’ works before dispatches, supervising the site works including erection of plant and commissioning / trial production till we successfully hand over the project to the clients.
  1. A comprehensive agreement can be worked out with the consultant in such a way that, the promoter entrepreneur not only sells the developed plots at premium, possibly at twice or thrice the cost price but also has keeps a handsome share of fees which would be charged by the consultants to the prospective industrial units, so that:
  • the promoters get back the initial investment to develop the park
  • sell their plots on lease or ownership basis as the case may be and also
  • get a steady recurring income from this venture, by way of lease rental or by selling services like water / power supply / Sewage treatment / Maintenance charges etc.


  1. TIME FRAME : All above activities shall continue for almost one year from the starting point after the zero date.
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