BSc after 9 years of job in Dubai starts his business in pipes and sanitary items in Dahod, India (21-25)

Science graduate’s inspiring and adoptable journey of courage to jump into business, try different options of doing business, to relocate to home country and the desire to achieve challenging goals by exploring, reading and learning.

02-taher-parawala-main-early-daysTaher Parawala, attended his schooling upto secondary in Dahod, Gujarat, India and completed his Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from Navjivan Science College, Dahod in 1999. Then he completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Marketing from Tolani Institute of Management Studies from 1999 to 2001. His father Mansoor bhai Parawala operated a manufacturing unit of brass taps in Dahod.

He took up his first job in India in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and had to travel about 20 days a month covering states of Madya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. On advice of his friend and family, he went to Dubai in September 2002. After 2 months of job hunt, he was offered a job as sales executive at Asia Bolts Industries LLC and worked there from November 2002 to May 2004. Then he joined Fastener Point LLC Dubai and worked as sales executive from January 2005 to November 2008.

While at the job was feeling a bit uncomfortable with the unfair treatment among the team in the company, saw limited growth options and the competition from other fellows teams prompted him to think about setting up his own business. Thus in 2007, when the business in the Gulf countries was at its peak; he made Araz and was granted the Raza Mubarak to start his own business in Dubai.

He left the job and started his own company in Dubai in January 2009 for supplying items like bolts and nuts with his own capital and from support from family. He was dealing in cash as per hidaayat of AqaMoula (tus) for doing “Cash only” Business dealings. While on vacation to India in May 2010, he made an Araz for Dua that its one and half year and the business has not picked up in Dubai. He didn’t receive the reply over a month. He came back to Dubai and made another Araz again in July 2010; whether to stay in Dubai and do the business or leave Dubai to start my own business in Dahod with family members in pipes and sanitary. He received a quick reply this time with Raza to start business in Dahod. Separately he also received reply of Dua on the araz made in May 2010.

He says that while the confusion aroused here, his  business in Dubai suddenly picked up. He got good orders from all cash from customers and he decided to stay in Dubai. As his business grew he was lured by a potential customer for credit sales and he supplied them on credit. Overnight the customer closed down his shop and absconded and thus he incurred a heavy loss. With Raza again he then shifted to India in December 2010.

He admits that there was kusoor & mistake in amal & action from his side. Had he followed the initial raza and left Dubai 6 months back, he would have been saved the tragedy where he suffered huge financial loss.

In April 2011, he started Raj Pipes and Sanitary with a rented shop in Dahod dealing in pvc pipes and sanitary retail and wholesale items and services.

03-taher-parawala-mainTaher runs the whole operations and is the main working partner. His current business line is pipes, fittings and sanitary like PVC, GI pipes, water tanks, an luxurious brand BRAVAT which is  a famous German brand.

In his transition to business from job he had to face a few challenges.

His first challenge was to get the capital to start the business (CAPEX). So he involved 3 family members who invested and he became the working partner to run the business. For his family expenses (FLEX) he kept 3 months of cash provision and from 4th month he started to withdraw a basic salary.

Second challenge was establishing supplier relationship. He took support from his brother who was in water pumps and tools business for last 20 years. He could procure the materials easily with agreed payment terms.

Third was to establish the customer base in the competitive market. For this he believed in giving value addition and unique proposition to the customer with unique but quality product range and services. His experience of working in Dubai really helped him establish this rapport with his customers and it clicked.

Forth challenge was to do the increase in product range and expansion. As he gained better knowledge of customers and their flavor, suppliers and market trends in India, he gradually increased the range.

After 4 years of stabilizing the business, in 2015 he further wanted to  expand the business with a modern showroom  and he required the additional capital. As per the farman of Aqa Moula (tus) to stay away from interest, he did not avail any bank loan and applied for Burhani Qarzan Hasanah and launched his new showroom. With Dua of Aqa Moula (tus) only few installment are pending now.

Currently he has 1 shop, 1 showroom for Bravat brand, two warehouses (rented) and has a total team of about 6 people.

His education and business diploma is helping to view the business challenges from a different perspective and look for best applicable solutions. He says “every problem has a hidden opportunity”. He has automated all operations with a proper accounting software solution, hired an accountant and believes in preparing a proper cash flow of supplier’s payments and customer’s receivables for smooth running of the business.

05-taher-parawala-mainAt the age of 37 and after 5 years running the business in India, he is satisfied having shifted to India and in his home town Dahod, living with his family and realizes the true meaning of kalemaat of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin moula (RA) “watan maa veepar karoo”.

The freedom of working in your own business is amazing and the sky is the limit for growth opportunities in India. His initial 1-2 years were to a bit challenging and as he would always compare it with Dubai life, but then things settled down and there is no looking back.

He reads a lot and completes two to three books in a month related to management and other subjects covering psychology, creativity and decision making. He moves ahead in business by  “Having a positive mind set, seeking timely advice from appropriate sources, planning well and having a systematic approach to ensure steady growth

He believes in new challenging goals regularly. While way back in 2015 he had setup a new showroom for the luxury brand and in the future he wants to establish and start his own brand of CP water taps. He also wants to start online business also using e-Commerce platform.

Taher Mansoor Parawala quotes :

“Always Be bold and willing to take risks. Don’t be afraid to take risks.”

“Trust your people. Build good relationship with them, which helps build strong team.”

“In today’s hyper competitive environment one must sharpen his or her knowledge by continuous learning and skills development. Gone are the days when you stopped learning after getting the academic degree.”

All readers please share your comments/feedback from this journey and any lesson learned to implement in your life.

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