Business Growth Strategies Seminar – 01-Sept-2018


Are you looking to grow your business, and implement ideas more effectively?

Jameat al Tujjar al Burhaniyah (JATAB) in its endeavor to provide informative and knowledge-based seminars to our community, is pleased to announce a seminar on the subject of

Business Growth Strategies

How to maintain a positive mindset toward achieving business goals.

The seminar will also focus on

Enhancing online presence of businesses

Did you know?

You can build your company website for free using some basic tools.

You can sell products online to many countries using local marketplace portals


Venue: Saifee Masjid

Date: Saturday, 1st September 2018

Time: 8:30 pm onwards.


Invitation to all the community members.

Prior Registration is required.

Register on the Link :

Speaker 1 : Mr Ibrahim Mohammed, CPA, Strategy Consultant, Topic: Business Growth Strategies

Speaker 2 : Mr Fazulul Rahman B.E (C.S.E) M.Sc Yoga SEO Strategist, Topic: Online Business Presence.

The seminar will be interactive and practical demonstrations will be given on how businesses can put into practice some of the techniques required to take their business to the next level.



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