MSB Choices Contest 1439H


The contest’s theme is “Choices”, what we choose to do defines us. We make choices, we make decisions every day in our lives. Some small, as to how much grocery to buy from the market today, to some more difficult ones, that have a lasting impression on our futures, as in which school to choose for our children. The contest will be multiphasic, the first phase will entice the Shakespeares and John Miltons amongst you.

Here are the details for the first phase :

  1. An incomplete story will be given on this medium on 10th July, 2018, Tuesday, 27mi Shawwal.
  2. You have to come up with a suitable ending for it in not more than a 100 words.
  3. A link will be provided where you will have to type in your story ending, with some of your contact details and submit your entry.
  4. You will be able to have multiple entries of different endings.
  5. None of the entries will be visible to anyone else for the sake of privacy and fairness of the contest.
  6. Once the contest is declared closed, the winners will be announced and felicitated and their endings will be published in the next Idara MSB newsletter with their consent.
  7. The criteria on which the “endings” will be judged are originality of thought, creativity, language, usage of figures of speeches and restriction to the given word count. The story that will be given, will be based loosely on a very famous true incident that has actually taken place in a certain way, but the contest is about CREATING your own ending.

So get your creative juices flowing, this time you have to give shape to your ideas with words rather than the light. May Allah (TA) give us tawfeeq to do Imam Husain (AS)’s Gam as Aqa Moula (TUS) desires, and may He live a long and prosperous life till the day of Qayamat. Aameen

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