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iStart Rajasthan

is a flagship initiative by the Government of Rajasthan intended to foster innovation, create jobs and facilitate investment. The program aims to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship which would further help in the economic growth and development of the state. Through this initiative, the State Government intends to build an environment where there would be an easy access to knowledge exchange and funding. All applications are reviewed on a real time basis. The processing time subject to all documents being approved in 3 working days. In addition to this we also work towards providing the Q-Rate score card on real time basis, while the official processing time is 10 working days.


(1) Services Offered

  • A one stop solution for StartUps, Incubators and VCs for ease of doing business and accessing all benefits and offers by Government of Rajasthan
  • Help StartUps to be discovered by relevant stakeholders
  • Need funding or mentoring? No more an issue. We help you connect with investors, accelerators and incubators
  • Helping investors, accelerators and incubators discover curated, high-potential startups
  • Programs to help startups improve their chances of success
  • Content, workshops and resources to help entrepreneurs

(2) Startup Scorecard, Skill Building, Fundraising and Assistance Program

  1. A detailed scorecard and assessment report for startups
  2. One month boot-camp for select startups to help refine their product, strategy, business plans and investor pitch deck.
  3. Investor Connect: Showcase of curated startups to investors, accelerators and incubators



  1. An initiative by the Department of Information Technology & Communication, Government of Rajasthan
  2. Top 100 IT students will be offered an all paid exposure trip to Silicon Valley, USA.
  3. Learn from world’s best startup professionals
  4. Come, participate in the growth journey of the state.




Among all the other numerous fundamental issues involving developing a product, raising capital, hiring employees, meeting statutory compliances etc., intellectual property protection can feel expensive or deflecting from the goals of launching a product into the to market before other competitors. However, the value of several start-ups is primarily based on their intellectual property i.e. their “Intellectual Capital”. For a technology startup intellectual property issues are among the most essential concerns which need serious deliberations. In this digital age, it has become easy for users to abuse Intellectual Capital that has been developed after several years of hard work. The work that has been produced with diligent and painstaking efforts, gets easily copied, reworked and duplicated with minimal efforts. This resultantly affects the upon the economic conversions goal of a startup like obtaining venture capital funding, investments by angel investors or partnerships. Therefore, it is vital for every start-up to understand the importance of IPR and protect itself from violation or beach by a third party.

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