MBA entrant immediately joins family business in Sagwara, Rajasthan, India dealing in Electrical and Plumbing Supplies (16-20)


Murtaza Electricwala, MBA-Marketing after completing 1st year at MBA program, joins family business of Electrical and Plumbing in Sagwara, Rajasthan state, India. His adoptable journey demonstrates sound up bringing in the business environment and timely realization by the children about the benefits of family business especially doing business in watan.

Murtaza completed his primary and middle schooling in Sagwara and shifted to Nasik, Maharashtra, India to attend his secondary from Delhi Public School in 2003. He lived in Badri Hostel, Nasik as his parents were very keen to give him Deeni environment to stay while studying.

He enrolled in Bhikusa Yamasa Kshatriya College of Commerce (BYK) for secondary exam and then graduated with Bachelor of Commerce in 2008 in same college, falling under Pune University.

Then he joined the MBA-Marketing program from Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Nasik and completed 2 semesters during the 1st year. He then quit mid-way and immediately joined his family business of electrical and plumbing supplies “Fakhri Electric Store” in Sagwara, Rajasthan which was started by their grandfather Sk. Ibrahim bhai Electricwala in 1965.

Due to his proper upbringing by his grandfather, his thought process was very clear from his childhood that he will ultimately join business after his higher studies. He remembers the quote from his grandfather, Sk Ibrahim bhai which is engraved in his mind :

Uttam Kheti, Madhyam Vypaar, Kanishth Naukri

English meaning “Best is Agriculture, Medium is Business and Lowest is Job

Murtaza ElectricwalaHis spend his first year learning all the different aspects of the trade along with his father Mulla Saifuddin bhai Electricwala. He took over the role of accounting and sales & marketing.

In his business line they deal in electrical items like wiring, PVC pipes, switches etc and plumbing items like GI pipes, accessories and bathroom fittings.

The first and the common challenge with MBA students is that their objective is to join a multinational or a large organization. He says this desire did not exist in him because his mindset was well prepared by his grandfather and hence he did not develop an ambition to join any multinational company after MBA program or venture into options of looking for a job elsewhere

His second challenge was the old way of accounting. From second year itself after joining, he started efforts on improving the old process by introducing new accounting practices and automation with a suitable accounting solution for their business line. Third challenge was, improving the market reach of the traditional customers. He grew the outreach with introduction of variety of products and better customer convincing methods.

Fourth challenge was the environment of all the young boys that they had their mind set to abroad to Kuwait or other Gulf countries, with or without doing higher studies. But he was not attracted towards this temptation as their family had a well set family business and they had a good will. Aqa Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA) always advised for doing vpaar in watan, so he knew he is in the right direction. He is confident that he is capable to bring the business success of the overseas in his home town and wants to put his energies to capture more opportunities, diversify with more product range and expand the sales territory.

Currently their total team size is 6 people along with his father and younger brother.

He says the experience gained while studying and being away for 6 years from his hometown has given him good exposure to new and different markets, helped him develop boldness to explore new product lines, to study and make required advances to meet different suppliers. The use of technology and internet helps in gaining awareness of new products, sourcing them and comparison to obtain best products at best price.

Now after 7 years of working , he is happy and satisfied having joined his family business in watan Sagwara. He gets time for his family and doing khidmat activities also. He says, the joy and benefits of doing business in hometown and our own country India is incomparable to any level of success in foreign country.

In future, he wants to start a showroom in Sagwara with modern display of goods for customers. He also plans to expand the 2 category of his business, electrical and plumbing and increase the product range in each category.

Murtaza M. Saifuddin Electricwala Quotes :

Train Your Mind to see Good in Every Situation


All readers please share your comments/feedback from this journey and any lesson learned to implement in your life.

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