Gaining A Competitive Edge, Why Every BUSINESS needs a WEBSITE?

IF your BUSINESS is not live on the internet then take prompt necessary actions and build your website and give your business wings to fly high.

Around 52.4% of the global online population access the internet from their mobile devices and more than half of the global population is estimated to go online using mobile devices by 2020. So, see this as a benefit and grab the opportunity that you can reach this much people globally if you have your own website.

Always, keep in your mind that your Website is the core importance of any Marketing Strategies.

If you look at all the marketing medium like PPC, SEO, Social Media, E-mail Marketing, Other/Offline channels. They all bring their visitors on their websites and then they turn their visitors into customers…In Marketing term it is called a CONVERSION.

“So, if your Business doesn’t have a website then you are losing so many of your customers.”

You are all aware that as it’s a #TechSavy World and #INTERNET has taken a great place all over the world + you all know Offline Shopping has started suffering as the online business success ratio is going more

For Example:- Your customers want to know about your services or products at that time he can browse any time from their own place and can collect all the details regarding your product but this could be done only if you have a website and if you are not on live on the internet then the customer has to wait to come to meet you at your convenient time or at your shop open hours.

 But try to think, if in the middle of this situation, your competitor has their website and are providing services in the best way… then it might happen that you can start losing your potential customers, as now in this ultra tech-savvy age the market has become a SERVICE  ORIENTED MARKET.

So,  It is extremely Foolish for people to not have a website at this age. As they are missing the most important thing which is having Huge Sales.

Benefits of Having A Website:

  • It is quite Cost-Effective to make a website this day as it is generally a one-time investment for your business.
  • Each & Every of your customer can view your services & Products 24*7. So, It helps you earn round the clock.
  • Customer convenient factor is the most important thing. As, if they are not having time to visit you at your store, so at that time they can browse your website and can make an inquiry about your product and also can make a Purchase.
  • By having your website you are giving your business the necessary credibility to stand one step ahead of your competitors.
  • By having a website you allow your products or services to sale 24*7 to whoever & whenever they want.
  • Always, Remember that in the coming years if you don’t have an online presence or don’t have a good marketing strategy then your business may end up shutting down.

The Bottom Line is, in the given days every business must have their website otherwise they are losing many new customers and much more revenue opportunity. — People who understand this in quick times will gain the much larger benefit of the market change.

COST-EFFECTIVE Benefits you could be bringing to your business if you have a website.

  1. Reaching NEW Customers
  2. Adding real credibility to your business and brand
  3. Raising awareness of your brand name, particularly if your competitors already have a website presence.
  4. Promoting your products & Services
  5. Showcasing your previous work in a portfolio or photo gallery
  6. Sharing Existing Customer Feedback within new prospects.
  7. Enjoying inexpensive advertising compared to another advertising medium.
  8. Taking Advantage of a SHOP WINDOW for your business that is open 24*7 hours a day. Available whenever your prospects or customers want to visit you.
  9. You can update to all your customers about your new products or services and are not bounded by copy deadlines for traditional medium.
  10. Putting your customers in control of how they shop for and choose the products & services they require.
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I am a Web Designer & Digital Marketing Expert and have 4+ years of experience in this field. Apart from that, I am also running an IT Software development company(MIRACLE TechnoLabs) with certified training course where we provides services in Web Development, Graphics Designing, Mobile Apps, Game, Business Solutions, AR/VR. Other than this thing I love to read books and I am also a Part-Time Blogger and I love to make new connections and learn from them and want to impact life’s of many people out there through my knowledge & wisdom. My Personal Motto is "Dream Bigger, Work Hard & Stay Positive because MIRACLES are going to happen every day."

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