How Google Search Engine Works?

In today’s age, everyone uses Google and search various information or website on it, but have you ever thought that GOOGLE itself is one type of website only, and then also how it fetches the information of all other websites and display the best relevant results according to your search?

So, by the end of this blog, you will understand as of how

  1. Google search engine works?
  2. How Google earns money?
  3. You will get to know as of how Google maintains all the data?

We all search for various information & websites on google, but we should also know that if I made a website today then it will generally take some minimal time to appear on Google. Because Google in the backend runs its various algorithm & programs and visits every single website on the internet and fetches all the relevant data from the website and stores in its database.

We need to know that, when we search anything on google, they run their indexes and shows us the best relevant results from its database. But, we all know that Google is also not a GOD and it is not possible for them to show the real-time results. Now the question comes as GOOGLE itself is one type of website then how it stores all the information from various websites and show us the relevant results?

This is possible because Google has made various programs & algorithms and GOOGLE — USES a SPIDER.

Let’s understand how Google SPIDER works?

When we show one Website to Google, it sends their spider or we can say an algo or a code to run on our website. Now, the Google spider will crawl in our whole website and stores the hyperlink data in their database. Afterward, they again send their Spider to this fetched Hyperlinks and the process continuous.

Let’s understand this with an Example:

I have listed my website on Google, now google spider will run through my whole website and find the various hyperlinks and stores all the relevant information from that hyperlinks. Now, If Google Spider finds 10 Hyperlinks in my website then the spider will get split up and crawl all this 10 Hyperlinks and stores relevant information in their database. Now, again they find another 10 hyperlinks in all this crawled 10 websites and the google spider splits again and crawl into all this website and stores information in their database. This process continues till a long time and they store every day millions of information in their Hightech server.

This Google scans all the website on the internet and stores its data, meta-data, description, etc. And then shows us various information related to our search.


Let’s understand how clients get this much fast & relevant results on Google?

When we search anything on google, suppose we search Website Development services, then Google crawls all his databases and search as of where this keyword appears? Then they ask various questions to its database as if this keyword appears in the title, meta description, URL, description or if this website has something similar to it which matches this keyword search query.

They also check that how many backlinks are appeared through the search query results, they also check what is the domain authority, url authority of this website and then shows us the best relevant results according to our search queries. Now, Google makes a perfect and relevant sequence as which type of results they wanted to show first on the internet, and which to show on the second one and the list continuous till many pages.

After, running all this algos and programs they show us the best relevant results and in proper technical term  we can say that those website which appears on the top 10 results on the google are the best SEO optimized website and have many backlinks of their website and thus they appear on the organic search on the google list.

Now, the results of all this website depend on various factors like how much traffic is their on their website, what is their CTR and many other things. This all things can be learned through various digital marketing programs.

Google also mentions that they don’t take any kind of money from us to show the relevant and best organic search according to our search queries they automatically send s their spider on every website and updates the necessary information in their databases. So, Google does all this through transparency.

Let us understand this as how Google earns money and how they show our website on top search?

Google earns money through Google Ads where we can run our PPC(Pay per click) campaign, Display Ads, E-commerce ads etc.  You can see that when you search something on google then the first 3 searches are of “Ads”.  Google takes money on various keywords and has decided some price for every keyword according to area wise, popularity-wise, usage or searches wise and then we have to bid on this keyword and make various Adgroups & Ads for our chosen keywords and have to pay money to google to show our website on top when user searches a similar type of keyword.

The rates of these keywords generally vary from area wise, popularity-wise and also depends on various factors. To start our Ad-campaign there are many Digital Marketing Agencies out there you can take their help and can understand everything. You can also Contact Us for Digital Marketing Services and our team will help you in the best possible ways.

How to BLOCK this spider to collect information from your website?

Google has given us a METHOD to block this spider from entering in our website.

We have to make a robots.txt file and write the necessary coding and add it to our website. So, now when Google spider comes to our website and crawls in our website they first see this robot.txt file and looks if we have allowed them to collect information from our website and if we have not allowed then they immediately move away from our website and don’t collect any information from our website.

So, in short Google is itself one type of website only and have done coding and made the best search engine and if we want to make this type of search engine we also can make. So, now don’t think that GOOGLE is GOD because if we don’t find what we are searching for then we should understand that GOOGLE SPIDER has not reached their website and are not able to collect relevant information from their websites.

In today’s age, Google is so advance that Google has our each & every small data of us. They have our Website Data, We see the various location on maps so they have data of each and every location, nowadays we use Google Pay so Google also has our bank details, accounts, profile etc.

I hope, this blog was useful and it has added new values & knowledge to yourself. If, you have any questions related to this please, ask us in the comment section and we will give you the best possible reply to them.

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