Jump Start your freelancing journey in the emerging ecosystem of Digital Marketing and Publishing

Publishing when used a online and print platform, encourages a Eco-System and this opens opportunity for local suppliers to provide services to the Small & Medium Businesses (SMB) in the country which is not limited to marketing teams only. Some of the list of service providers of the eco system are :

  1. Graphics Designers
  2. Photographers
  3. Content Writers
  4. Finance professionals to give facts, figures and graphics for Infographics
  5. Video shooting and video editors
  6. Printing in Press for flyers, posters, cards
  7. Content posting services providers for Social media
  8. Trainers for Digital Marketing Tools, Technology and Techniques

SMB (small and medium business) cannot afford to hire full time employees for the above works, hence the opportunity for Freelance projects.

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Feroz Tapiya, founder and Editor-in-Chief of YourBizzJourney.com is an IT & Business Consultant at Business Causeway. He also represents Intelligent CIO Magazine,UK as Country Manager. He also serves as a Career Mentor and Coach.

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