Bachelor of Science-Computer after short period of job joins family business of Household items in Kuwait (11-15)

Hatim Shoyeb Tapiya, Bachelor of Science-Computer, having worked for short period in Kuwait joins family business in household items. His inspiring journey demonstrates patience, being humble, timely decision making and keen desire to learn.

He graduated with Bachelor of Science in computer from Annasaheb Magar College, Pune University in 2006. He also completed computer course in dot net and Java programming from Karrox, Pune in 2006.

He landed in Kuwait in Feb 2007 and wanted to do a job in IT programmer’s job in some reputed multinational company. He got his first job in sales & marketing in an IT company and he worked here for about 3 months.

He was not too comfortable in what he was doing and he realized that this is not what he wanted to do in life. According to him “who you are and what you want to be, depends on what you do”. He was also encouraged by what he often heard in bayan of our Aqa Burhanuddin Moula’s (RA) that be it big or small business, do your own business. Hence, he made a quick decision to switch and in June 2007, he joined his family business of household items.

He was given to handle customer queries. The initial few months were tough, he had to learn everything from scratch, do all sort of different works. The work atmosphere was very different from the office cubicle he had Hatim Tapiyaplanned during his graduation. He had dreams to sit in office and work in the in house IT development environment of good company. He used to ask himself “is this what I studied for”? It was like fighting your own battle and talking to yourself. But he didn’t lose hope as he had full trust in Aqa Moula (tus) had mention and he kept learning under the guidance of his father and brother.

He currently handles all aspects of the business like taking sales orders, follow up on payment, managing goods delivery and products display. His brother handles procurement, staff, admin works and overall business, both under guidance of their father.

They deal in wholesale of household items and home furnishing items in Kuwait.

Together they took up few initiatives. He took up the task to bring growth by adding new customers and with new product range. To increase customer satisfaction effectively he started preparing weekly schedules to visit customers. He does product and inventory management by keeping a track on slow moving items, minimizing and clearing dead stock.

Currently they have a team is about 5-7 people and he works along his father Shoyeb bhai TaherAli Tapiya and brother Kutubuddin.

His analytical skills are helping him various analysis works, use technology for automation of tasks and deploy accounting solution.

After 8 years working for his family business, he is happy that he has made a right decision and feels settled after learning all the aspects of the business. He is free and able to take his own decision and realize the outcome of efforts immediately. He gets to learn directly from his father. Also during difficult times of need or sickness of his parents, he is always timely available to come to their aid and assistance. This is a big challenge when you are in a job.

His father Shoyab bhai is also glad and says it good to have young educated generation join family business, it’s of great support to father and it brings new thinking and modern ways of working in business.

He wants to concentrate on the business to stabilize it further, bring growth and expand the business with large product range. Having gained the business knowledge of how to run the business, in future if given a suitable opportunity, he would like to diversify his business line and setup a business in computer/electronics field from ground-up.

Hatim Tapiya Quotes :

“Jump into business without wasting too much time in jobs”

“Do something today that your future will thank you for it”

“If you truly love life, then don’t waste time as time is what life is made of”

All readers please share your comments/feedback from this journey and any lesson learned to implement in your life.

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