Completed MBA Finance and on onset of career joined father’s retail trading business in Textiles (1-5)

Sk. Habib Kabir completed MBA, Finance from Mumbai and thereafter joined his father’s business in Textiles. His is an inspiring journey of strong will power and immediate move to family business.

He graduated in Commerce from Mumbai University in 1984 and completed his post-graduation as MBA majoring in Finance in1986. He took up finance due to his good skills with math and accountancy.

He did internship in India as part of his Management course and then arrived in Kuwait. While in Kuwait, he started looking for jobs in finance as per normal professional career building methods. During interviews when job roles were explained to him, he realized that some or other way, interest was part of the calculations in finance. He tried to switch to marketing, but that option would compromise his career standing and prospects due to his major being in Accounts. He was caught in the cross roads.

He did not relent and refused to compromise to the situation and take up a job in finance. The realization and the will power to follow the khushi of Aqa Moula (TUS) was just too strong, though he was of a very young age. He turned the force of circumstances to his favor and took the courageous decision which was uncommon at that time. He joined his father’s business of textiles in Kuwait.

Yes there were many challenges and lot of learning. He constantly faced the question of application of his education/management concepts in his work, but he did not give up on his strong determination and will power – “come what may”. Gradually he settled in the business and starting using his management and administration skills to effectively run the business. Post liberation of Kuwait in 1992, he changed his business line and moved into tailoring materials and accessories business. He took up various trips for doing imports from Dubai, China and India.

Today he has 4 branches and a staff of 10+ people. He is responsible for administration, management, marketing, business strategy, pricing and imports.

Today after 30 years of running his business, he is extremely satisfied of making the right decision, which gives him not only financial strength, but also independence of doing own business. Also his independence has been instrumental in him being able to devote a lot of time in khidmat of Aqa Maula (tus).

In future he would like to expand his business and open up a branch in India mostly likely in the trade similar to tailoring materials or textiles or as per Raza mubarak of Aqa Maula (tus).

Sk Habib Kabir’s advice to fellow professionals:

“Please make the transition from your job to business as soon as possible, even if the business is small and while you are still working. Do not wait too long that you climb the corporate ladder, and reach a stage where your salary is so high and work environment so relaxed that you cannot bring yourself to start up a new business.

After 15-20 years leaving the comfort zone of a plush job is very daunting and you are not young enough to face the hardships of a new setup, you do not have the required patience and will power and ultimately you give up on making the transition to being a SELF EMPLOYED professional (and thus not being able to achieve the khushi mubarak of Maula TUS and unable to reap the Inherent BARAKAT of Tijarat/own business).”

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