Bachelor of Science after 19 years of job with Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd in Mumbai quits and joins family Business in Visakhapatnam of Equipment Design and System Engineering (16-20)

Sk. Burhanuddin Taskeen, Bachelor of Science, Chemical Technology (Petro) after 19 years of job quits as senior manager-operations and joins a business line in Equipment Design and System Engineering in Nagpur. His inspiring and adoptable […]


Master of Engineering after 10 years of job in London relocates to Australia and starts his business in specialized products and services (16-20)

Dr Sk Ammar Adamjee, Master in Science- Material Science and PhD in Material Science after 10 years of job as research scientist and marketing development manager starts his own business in Australia. His adoptable and […]

Academic Qualification

Doctorate in Food Science after 18 years in job quits as QC Manager with Procter & Gamble to start entrepreneurship in Karachi in education, farming and energy sectors (16-20)

Dr Mufaddal Mirza, Master in Science- Chemical Engineering and Phd in Food Science, having worked for 13 years in academic life and 5 years in corporate job, starts entrepreneurship in education, farming and energy. His […]