Bachelor of Pharmacy & Homoeopathy after 18 years of job as Group Product Manager in India quits to start his business in Chennai-India of Pure Honey (21-25)

The  motivating and adaptable journey of Dr. Saifuddin M. Nagpurwala demonstrates humble approach and dedicated efforts to career growth, acquiring unique set of skills and utilizing it for his business. The journey of Dr.Saifuddin M […]


Bachelor of Science after 19 years of job with Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd in Mumbai quits and joins family Business in Visakhapatnam of Equipment Design and System Engineering (16-20)

Sk. Burhanuddin Taskeen, Bachelor of Science, Chemical Technology (Petro) after 19 years of job quits as senior manager-operations and joins a business line in Equipment Design and System Engineering in Nagpur. His inspiring and adoptable […]

Academic Qualification

Doctorate in Food Science after 18 years in job quits as QC Manager with Procter & Gamble to start entrepreneurship in Karachi in education, farming and energy sectors (16-20)

Dr Mufaddal Mirza, Master in Science- Chemical Engineering and Phd in Food Science, having worked for 13 years in academic life and 5 years in corporate job, starts entrepreneurship in education, farming and energy. His […]