Seminar on Motivation and Team Work for Better KHIDMAT held in Kuwait on 29-Mar-2019 by Sk Shabbir Mala

Aqa Moula's continuous Guidance and Dua is moving 12 Umoor Committee to stride and reach excellence.


With this same concept and view in mind, Amil Saheb  Sh Taherbhai Badri of Ezzy Mohalla, Kuwait, organized a seminar with Toloba Ul Qulliyat under Tijarat Al Rabeha of the local Mohalla on Friday, March 29th, 2019. All Members of 12 Umoor Committees were invited for the seminar.

The seminar was titled “Motivation and Team Work for Better KHIDMAT“, which was conducted by Sh Shabbirbhai Mala from

Topics covered are as follows :

  • What and Why Motivation
  • What  is a Team
  • Responsibility and Accountability of Team Members
  • Goal Setting

Team Workshop and group activity were conducted at the end of the seminar where each Team was given a task to perform and measure their team’s capacity to work collectively under pressure.

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