Bachelor in Engineer, BE after 3 years of IT job in Kuwait quits and starts a Business in Mechanical services and manufacturing in Pune, India (26-30)

Raaj Manzil in Udaipur. Contact : Burhanuddin bhai on +91 97998 28552

His inspiring, adoptable and replicable journey demonstrates how engineering graduates can utilize their qualifications in the industrial business and apply the knowledge to obtain a niche in this business arena.

Bootstrapping, research and financial planning, having a mentor, appointing suitable consultants, sheer hard work, learning, showing patience and courage, ridding against odds and finally stabilizing the business by inducting his second brother also a BE in the business and establishing it as a family business within 10 years of successful operations.

Ali advises, people who want to switch to business, should first identify what they want to do, what are they good at and then do araz for Dua for doing business with the options.

He says,
“Once you are granted Raza Mubarak from Aqa Moula (tus), value it as a “Treasure”, be patient, have faith and keep moving forward by giving your best efforts. Don’t Give up after few months or initial years of business.”


Full Business Transition Journey Coming Soon

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