Doctorate in Food Science after 18 years in job quits as QC Manager with Procter & Gamble to start entrepreneurship in Karachi in education, farming and energy sectors (16-20)

Dr Mufaddal Mirza, Master in Science- Chemical Engineering and Phd in Food Science, having worked for 13 years in academic life and 5 years in corporate job, starts entrepreneurship in education, farming and energy. His inspiring journey demonstrates strong inclination to entrepreneurship, using technical and academic expertise to shape the innovative business model and strong determination to pass it on to mumineen.

Dr Mufaddal Mirza-4bHe completed SSC from St. Paul’s English School, Karachi and Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical from Dawood University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi in 1978.

Completed Master of Science in chemical engineering from Wayne State University, USA and PhD in food science and technology from University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign – College of Agriculture, USA in 1990.

During Karachi safar of Aqa Moula Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA), he did araz either to do job in Karachi or go to study in USA for masters though he did not have the required financial means. Burhanuddin Moula (RA) granted raza to study in USA saying in English “capture the world, maintain and don’t lose your identity“

As he had graduated with high grades, he was granted merit scholarship by government of Pakistan to study in USA. When he went to National Bank to collect his cheque, he was given a contract to sign. He read a line saying 2.5% service charges and he paused with strong doubt. He didn’t sign it that time and took the copy to Shz. Qaid Johar bhai saheb who asked him not to take the money. He was given inayat of rupees 5200 from Sy. Taher Saifuddin Moula Trust and another rupees 25,000 as Qardhan Hasanah.

Arriving at the college in Detroit, USA, he got a part time job in research work from 2nd day itself. Later he also got another job to teach chemistry to graduate student and thus his financial worries were all resolved; the barakat of staying away from riba.

Dr Mufaddal Mirza-MS in Detroit - USAAfter completing masters in 1980 he was granted raza to do Phd in USA and had option to continue at Wayne State or join University of Florida. He returned to Karachi for a 3 months break. Testing waters with his US master’s degree, he applied at a few places and was offered a job in Exxon Chemicals in Dharki, Sind as engineer. He thought it will be good industrial experience so let’s take it, what’s the harm as he already had the raza for doing Phd. Within next 3 months, the turnaround cycle of the plant which happens every 4 years was due and he wanted to gain that vast experience.

After a year, he returns to USA to join the Phd program in 1982. Due to slum in Detroit, the faculty job which he was offered before was redundant. He was offered alternate job in research position in chemistry and computer science. By 1985, this couldn’t translate to Phd degree. He realized his mistake of not doing timely amal as per Raza Mubarak to continue PhD after master’s, taking his own decision for job and thus had to pass through 4 tense years.

Then in 1986 after marriage, he initiated the Food Extrusion project which was converted into Phd in Food Science ultimately in 1990. Additionally, he did Post Doctoral Fellowship at Technical University of Nova Scotia and Wolfville University in Canada from 1990-92.

Dr Mufaddal Mirza-1bHe returned back to Karachi and joined Proctable & Gamble as technical services/QC Manager from 1993-98. He was a member of the country start up team, developed the strategy to establish the market, first via import and then setup the manufacturing unit. Here he gained contract manufacturing, product launch and total quality management expertise.

Now he embarks into business. His brother Husain was an established professional in dying industry with a solid experience. They were granted Raza Mubarak in 1998 to do business of dyeing and finishing for exports in the name “Raj Processing”.

First challenge they faced was they didn’t have the required capital to buy the plant. The barakat of Raza enabled them to acquire an idle plant on terms to “pay as you produce” and then progressed to ownership of own plant.

In 1999 left for New York and then to Houston to do textile marketing there. He got the sharaf of Ashara khidmat in Houston 2002 and then relocated back to Karachi.

In textile sector the credit period to suppliers reached 6 months and this led to the araz to Aqa Moula (tus) and got raza to “wrap up the business”. A very bold decision to take, they did not reconsider it and started amal right away. They closed the whole operation by 2005.

From 2006-2009 he worked as associate professor of industrial engineering & management at Institute of Business Management. Here he gained expertise in business process re-engineering and lean engineering. Attended miqat of milad Mubarak in Yemen and was granted Raza to provide quality education to mumineen students. He admitted 114 middle class mumineen students and launched Creek High School in Karachi.

Dr Mufaddal Mirza-5bIn 2009, Dr. Muffadal established Total Quality Life Maintenance Pvt. Ltd in Karachi, a platform to integrate “Total Quality Principles” in Families and Businesses around the world.

Again in 2013 he established MSB eUniversity in collaboration with Energime University to provide halal entrepreneurship education from preschool to PhD to Mumineen. The strategy is to engage UIUC professors and alumni to participate in global projects of energy conservation, GREEN energy generation, space foundation certified natural mineral water and integrated organic farming/processing parks. They also carry out study, review, amend and release university curriculum so that they are aligned with our Islamic Sharia.

He has a team of 7 people operating from Karachi and a team of worldwide associates

One of the main challenges he faces is communication of halal MSB eUniversity business plans virtually in absence of physical model and lack of personal funds to develop the physical model. He is focusing on his model to create funds via technopreneurship education from preschool to PhD at an unbeatable value of US$5300.

Currently serving as professor of climate smart technopreneurship at MSB Climate Smart Farm Schools and Halal Food Industrial Park Campuses. The objective is to transfer mumineen students to technopreneurs and to capture the halal food market worth trillion dollars per year.

His Business is in perfect synergy with his qualifications and experience.

He plans to create MSB Equity Fund with the help of Fatemi Sharia Experts for self-sustaining finance of his global projects. His life mission is to transform professionals into entrepreneurs and technopreneurs and create the “Mumin Millionaire Club”.

He enjoys martial arts to maintain the health of his body & mind.

Quotes of Dr Mufddaddal Mirza :

“Leave the comfort of your pool and dive into the Ocean to Explore and Own the Wealth”

Dr. Mufaddal Mirza can be contacted for any queries on :

Email :

Whatsapp + 92 333 228 3257


All readers please share your comments/feedback from this journey and any lesson learned to implement in your life.

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