Master of Arts-Islamic studies after 15 years of government job in Karachi, Pakistan starts business in Dubai of Technical Works & Supply (11-15)

Huzefa Taiyabi

Huzefa Taiyabi, associate electrical engineering and master of Arts in Islamic studies, having worked for 15 years in Karachi, Pakistan relocates to Dubai and eventually starts a business of technical works & supplies. His inspiring and adoptable business journey demonstrates timely decision making, preparation, risk taking and unique business framework of uplifting towards business as per irshaad of Aqa Moula (tus).

He initially completed a three year Diploma Program in Electrical Engineering in 1991. He then graduated with Bachelor of Arts from Karachi University, Pakistan in 1997 and masters of Arts in Islamic studies in 1999 from the same university. His father M. Taiyab bhai Khambati had served as accounts manager at Saifee Hospital, Karachi.

Huzefa Taiyabi
Huzefa Taiyabi

Huzefa bhai first took up a job as an electrical supervisor at United Electrical Engineers Company in 1992 for 2 years. In 1994 he was selected for a job in government education board. He was an examiner officer in the examination controlling department, the board of intermediate education in Karachi. His responsibilities were to supervise enrolment and examination process in departments and also took charge to guide students to select career path after 10th standard. During same tenure along with his work, he also completed his graduation and masters.

He setup “Hizbe Murtazvi” which does various khidmat and under the guidance of aamil saheb, he grew it from 15 members to 300 members with his management, team building, organizing and counseling skills. In 2000, he also established Badri Educational Counseling to promote education and technical skills development.

In 2008 he was offered a role in Dubai for his management skills in a production firm in glass industry. There was a provision to take a long leave in government job; hence he took a calculated risk by availing it and accepted the offer.

Hence in 2008 he landed in Dubai and took up the new role. Soon the global financial crisis set in and within 6 months he analyzed and realized that only management skills is not a substitute for financial challenges in the current role.

Therefore, in 2009 along with an investor, he started a business venture in building materials with an agreement and it had a minimum 2 years commitment by both the parties. He was covered for his family expenditure/ household expenses as his wife Fatema being an educator, was working in a related field. This provided good support system until the business starting giving returns.

By 2011, he had gained experience for 2 and half years in UAE. He believes that initial gestation period is mandatory to learn the local business environment, customer behaviors, buying patterns and potential business lines and industries.Thus he had mustered enough courage and risk taking capacity to start something new altogether.

With Raza and Dua Mubarak of Aqa Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA), he started a new business in technical works and supply and the launch of “DC Tech”.

He very tactfully handled various business challenges. The first was the financial one and he started out with his own initial capital to setup up the company. He started with selected industries which deals in cash or with advance payment for work orders. Second was the obtaining the driving license. He had to walk to the bus stop for 1 hour going and coming, but finally he got passed this challenge.

Huzefa Taiyabi
Huzefa Taiyabi

Third was the know-how of the business line. Since he had spent considerable time in technical and production field, along with his management and PR skills, he had developed a good network for collaboration and learning. He says this is where Dua of Aqa Moula (tus) comes to rescue of mumineen that while he is out looking for orders he would fall upon people, who would connect him with right contacts and new business venues would open up. He then entered into partnership with Hamza bhai Darbar, who with his vast knowledge, unique talents and expertise in field of trading, became his strength in difficult times and contributed immensely to establish the business.

Forth was the man power, which he managed with a unique framework. As he had good management skills, team leading and with his counseling background, he would engage with experienced people with certain skills sets in specific industries and who are willing to work in partnership mode within certain industries and specific product/service lines. For this he encourages to come with a 6 months cover backup for family expenditure/house hold expenses so that they can fully focus on work and mentally aren’t disturbed with personal cash flow problems. He makes it clear that business is about courage, risk taking and patience along with certain skill sets and hard work. He practices working with written agreement to avoid any confusion, smooth operations and health relationships.

Fifth is cash dealings and short term project financing. He ensures this with advance payments, back to back payment arrangement with service providers and cash flow planning. He says he keeps deposit into Faize Burhani Scheme which is source of barakat in business dealings and also takes periodic qarz. He insists that we should always be in “white list” and repay on time. If there is a genuine delay, inform the committee as per the process. He has realized that adhering to these principals as laid down by Aqa Moula (tus) saves us from many hardships.

He says on all occasions what always comes as his savior is the kalam of Burhanuddin Moula (RA) “agar tamne koi kaam hoi to, maathu jhukawi ne aankho si Hussain per aanso nikaali ne, ikhlaas si mane yaad karjo”. He claims that in all instances whenever he found himself lost, left with no hopes, he remembered Moula (RA) and experienced miracles right away.

DC Tech currently works in the field of oil and gas, marine, industrial, hospitality and hotels industries. The current team size is about 7 members.

He admits that the skills developed as councilor, management, team building and PR during the days in Karachi and his engineering diploma foundation helps him effective execute these various technical works.

Huzefa bhai considers himself a very blessed person, to have gathered people around him who understand and appreciate his business strategies. He is quite contented that along with business, he is able to give the mumineen a platform wherein as per their skills; they can uplift themselves and work together to do business as per their technical expertise. He says that various team members’ timely involvement into his business is a clear indication of Aqa Moula’s (tus) nazaraat on mumineen doing business.

He has noted that while in jobs during vajebaat takhmeen, for a new figure, the answer was usually ‘NO’ as the income is fixed; but while in business it allows him to say ‘Yes’ and somehow during the year, the figure is achieved due to barakaat. His “Tawakkul in Khuda” is further strengthened due to this fact.

Having successfully completed 5 years dealing in current setup, he now wants to stabilize as established businessman and aspires to grow internationally. He desires to diversify by setting up a specific industry tying up with right investors.

Huzefa Taiyabi quotes:

 “Leaders are those, who prepares leaders like themselves and give them freehand to lead”

 “For the mistake of one’s decision, take ownership & don’t blame the team”

All readers please share your comments/feedback from this journey and any lesson learned which you can implement in your life.

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  1. It’s an Inspiring story about a man of determination who has proved himself an example of Moula’s Irshaad Aali that always be business-minded. amazing write-up vividly depicting achievements of Huzefa bhai by his hard work.

  2. Gr8 job huzefa bhai we will highly appreciate you that as per Maula’s karam n nazarat n dua you will achive a high position in bussiness n khidmat also. Today after many years in stay in Dubai your involvment to motivate our members to do khidmat as per maulas farman in entire world n specially for Hiz b Murtazvi members in karachi is highly appreciateed . Many congrtas to you n your fmily

  3. An intriguing, inspiring, insightful tale. Am not only impressed but humbled by Huzefa bhai’s world view, beliefs, confidence, measured approach and stamina for absorbing positive change and progress. His abilities and achievements are, hence, an obvious outcome. Hats off!

  4. I always inspire and have learned so many things while performing khidmat under your supervision and guidence. I found you always next to me when ever needed. I realy appreciate your dedication towards your Khidmat, counseling and upliftment of members.
    I wish you for all the success a head..

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